A positive caller experience builds loyalty to your brand. We not only understand this responsibility we embrace it.

Customers are calling your 411 service.  As far as they’re concerned, they’re interacting with your operators.  Doing business with USDA means you’re entrusting us with your most important asset - your customers.  Your success is our success.  This is why we’re committed to delivering consistently positive caller experiences.    

We deliver positive caller experiences by strictly adhering to the hallmarks of best-in-class call center operations – Efficiency, Proficiency, Courtesy, and Consistency.


It starts with building a service delivery platform built on the latest technology.  Our agent search interface was developed by people with decades of directory assistance experience.  Every conceivable means to find the right listing fast is at our agents' fingertips.


Proficiency marries an efficient operation with excellent agent training and skills.  This results in optimal call handling capability.  Knowing the right clarifying questions to ask in order to zero-in on that hard to find listing.  Proficiency leads to higher rates of fulfillment, which is the percentage of caller inquiries that result in a found listing.  


By hiring the right people to work in our call centers and by developing a culture committed to delivering positive customer experiences.  It’s delivering service with a smile.


Means delivering the same positive customer experience on every call.  No call center can consider itself best-in-class unless the same level of service is provided every day of the year.  This is our goal and what we strive to provide on every call.