US Directory Assistance makes your business our business, so that you can focus on the most important tasks.

Operator Services

US Directory Assistance provides wholesale operator services to CLEC's, VoIP Providers, Resellers, and other service providers.  Services are provided through a USDA partner.  The advantage for customers is a single point of contact and a single contract for customers.

Automated Operator Assistance

Place collect, third-party, person-to-person, or credit card calls using an automated platform.

Toll Assistance

Available to assist your caller’s in placing long distance calls.

Emergency Assistance

Callers should dial 911 for emergencies, but emergency calls to ‘0’ still occur. We provide support to ‘0’ using the Public Service Access Points (PSAP) system.

Multi-Lingual Operators

Multi-lingual support (English, Spanish, French) available 7x24x365 with translation services available for 120+ languages.

Billing and Collection

You can bill your own calls or let us do it for you using our extensive LEC billing and collection agreements.

Customized Branding

We can integrate your customized greeting and branding announcements.

Zero-Minus (0-) Support

We can handle general inquiry calls place to ‘0’

Busy Line Verification/Interruption (BLV/I)

Busy Line Verification/Interruption (BLV/I) provides assistance from the operator to determine if there is conversation on a specific landline telephone number. This service is through AT&T.

Operator Services Rate Quote

Rate quote means quoting your identified (provided by you) rates to your end-users upon request when the call originates from that end-user.

Platform Reliability

Our systems were designed for optimum reliability. Redundant switching modules, back-up power, network diversity, geographically dispersed call centers form the backbone of our commitment to uninterrupted service.