Cloud-based, IP-centric, uniquely flexible – capable of delivering high quality results for the traditional carrier to the nascent MVNO.

We believe that quality service flows from a commitment to people, process, and platform.  Neglect any one and the result is an inferior service.  US Directory Assistance is the only wholesale DA provider to have made the investment in a completely new service delivery platform – cloud-based, IP-centric, uniquely flexible – that is equally capable of delivering high quality results for the largest carrier’s traditional DA volume to the MVNO who needs a cost-effective DA product for their bundled wireless offer.

Our service platform consists of four sub-platforms components.  Interconnection Platform, Services Platform, ACD Platform, and Agent Platform.  Together these provide a full-featured, adaptable, highly efficient wholesale directory assistance service platform.

Interconnection Platform

Provides the customer-facing interface and allows a service provider or other customer to connect to use using IP or TDM.

Services Platform

Provides service providers with access to the various DA features offered by USDA, from branding announcements, to DA automation, to DA call completion

ACD Platform

Allows service providers who wants access to live operators to have their calls efficiently routed and answered by a team of live operators.  Call routing can be skill based in order to support language requirements (e.g. Spanish-speaking operators) or geographic requirements (e.g. Canadian callers).

Agent Platform

A powerful, proprietary agent workstation platform that integrates with the ACD Platform to provide a highly efficient system that enables operators to find the right listings, fast.


Our cloud-based platform is deployed in a high-availability, automatic failover, configuration for maximum uptime.  Our equipment is deployed at a highly secure Telx data center, one of the most well-known and respected data center providers in the country.  We use multiple, diverse carrier connections, backup power, and round-the-clock network monitoring.

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