Wholesale Directory Assistance for Carriers and Other Markets

Whether you’re a national or regional, wireless or wireline carrier, we’ll deliver the numbers your subscribers need – quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Limited Time Offer for 2020

We want your business!  Switch from your current DA provider to USDA this year and pay just $.10 per call.*

*Guaranteed blended rate for automated and operator-assisted calls.  Restrictions apply.  Contact us for details.


Automated and operator-assisted directory assistance (DA).  With superior technology and a best-in-class national listing database, we deliver the industry’s best automated DA results, which means lower rates for you.  


Finding listings is easy.  Finding accurate listings, finding them fast, and doing it in a way that builds loyalty to your brand is what separates USDA from the competition.  

Data Security

Data breaches and other unauthorized intrusions are serious matters. We pride ourselves on the focus we give to protecting your and your  subscribers’ privacy.  


(800) 966-8732 (x2001)

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