Automated DA

Superior speech-recognition technology and a best-in-class national listing database combine to deliver the industry’s best automation success rates.  We’re so confident in our ability to deliver superior Automated DA success rates, we’ll guarantee that no less than 60% of your total monthly DA call volume will be billed at our lower Automated DA rate.   (Calls that cannot be automated by the platform are automatically transferred to a live operator for further assistance.) 

Live Operator DA

USDA’s operator workstations are fully integrated with our Automated DA platform and national listing database.  When a call arrives, operators are furnished with important information about the caller and the carrier, which allows them to handle calls without having to re-ask questions like “what city and state?” These capabilities and others enable operators to handle calls with optimal efficiency – usually in less than 30 seconds.


Telco Listing Data
We use a best-in-class national listing database (NLDB) containing 160 million business, government, and residential listings. It’s best-in-class because it’s original-source, meaning listing data comes directly from local exchange carriers throughout the country. The NLDB is updated daily, an important consideration given that more than 25 million listing changes occur each month.

Our competition uses secondary-source data, which does not come directly from the local exchange carriers.  Why is this important from a quality standpoint?  Because using secondary-source listing data  significantly increases the likelihood that callers will be given outdated listings. USDA’s Automated DA and operators have access to listing changes within 24-48 hours.

Google Search
We augment the NLDB with the ability to search Google. Our operator workstations search the NLDB and Google simultaneously, allowing operators to quickly check Google results if the listing isn’t found in the NLDB.  

Customized Branding
We’ll answer your calls using a custom branding announcement on the front-end of the call. Simply send us a .wav file with your recorded announcement or we can create one for you using our professional voice talent.

Automatic Call Completion
Call completion adds convenience for your customers while enhancing your brand and your bottom line. You can choose to complete all calls or provide callers with the option to complete their call.

SMS Textback (wireless providers with more than 100,000 monthly DA calls only)
Wireless carriers can give their customers the option of having an SMS Text Message containing the requested listing information sent to their wireless device.

Spanish Language Support
We can handle listing requests in Spanish as a secondary language. We use a prompt on the front-end of the call informing callers to press 2 for Spanish.

Address Search
We support caller’ requests for address information based on a listed name.

Reverse Number Search
We support callers’ requests for name and address information based on a listed phone number.

Connectivity Options                                                                                                                                                                                      Carriers and other service providers can interconnect directly with USDA service platform using peer-to-peer SIP, toll-free number, private IP or TDM circuits.  Additionally, USDA has its own AS number, which allows carriers to interconnect via an IP Exchange (IPX) using BGP.  


Finding listings is easy.  Doing it in a way that builds loyalty to your brand is what separates USDA from the competition.  Our goal is to deliver a positive caller experience on every call.

Providing high-level directory assistance service requires the right technology, the best listing database, and well-trained agents.  Then, to ensure we’re delivering quality, we constantly monitor our performance and share the results with you.  Have KPIs you need us to meet?  No problem, we’re expert as delivering service that meets the standard call handling quality metrics of Answer Speed, Abandonment Rate, Answer Rate, and Service Level.

Listing Quality

Access to original source listing data is essential for quality service. Original source data comes directly from the nation’s local exchanges carriers and is updated daily.  USDA’s platform integrates with the most accurate national listing database (NLDB) available, which contains more than 160 million original source business, residential, and government listings.

LEC move, add, and change activity results in changes to 17% of all listings.  That’s over 25 million listing changes each month!  To save money, some of our competitors use secondary source data, which lacks the freshness of original source data.   Consequently, these competitors have lower automation success rates and higher occurrences of subscribers being given wrong listing information.

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Data Security

USDA values carrier’s and their subscribers’ privacy.  Handling directory assistance calls necessarily involves the capturing of private information such as the caller’s phone number, the caller’s listing request, and the IP address of the carrier’s network peering device.

USDA conducts an annual risk assessment and security audit to ensure that critical systems and data are protected and secured.  For example, in 2019 we completed a project to deploy two-step authentication on all systems housing sensitive data and we upgraded to next-generation encryption algorithms to enhance the protection of transmitted data.

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